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Dunsmore Apiary

Stretton on Dunsmore


Dave Bonner, Master Beekeeper.


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Dunsmore Apiary is a small scale honey producer, focussing on keeping a small number of honey bee colonies very well.  This follows the principle that healthy and happy bees will produce more honey.

Dave has been keeping bees since 2005 and, following four years of study and examinations, has achieved the Master Beekeeper qualification.  Master Beekeeper is the highest possible qualification given by the British Beekeeping Association (BBKA).  (BBKA Training Framework)

Our bees are located in an area called Dunsmore Heath, near the villages of Ryton on Dunsmore, Stretton on Dunsmore and Wolston.  The bees have access to both the crops in the farmer's fields and also the flowers in the village gardens.  This means that they have the opportunity to have a multi-floral diet.  This is a more natural situation for them when compared to colonies which are located in remote rural areas with only mono-floral forage.

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